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The secret to losing weight is so counter-intuitive it's going to astonish you.

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It’s true – weight loss can be pleasurable (and it’s actually meant to be).

For decades, women have been made to believe the lie that weight loss must be accompanied by cumbersome calorie counting, punishing exercise, harsh food restrictions, unrealistically small portions, unmet cravings, and uncomfortable hunger.

However the truth we know in our bones, that is also scientifically proven, is that these stressful weight loss programs don’t work for one important reason. That’s because when your body is under stress, it releases the stress hormone cortisol that puts your body into scarcity and survival weight gain mode. Stressful dieting and punishing exercise actually prevent you from losing weight, and can even cause you to gain more no matter how much you push yourself!

Thankfully, there is a pleasurable way to lose weight. And this is exactly what I want to show you how to do. So if you’re at your wits ends with diets, if you’re sick of the self-control, the discipline and the deprivation that’s not working for you long term anyway, and if you’re looking for a more pleasurable way to lose weight…

Then I’m delighted to tell you that you’re finally in the right place. And I’m honored to say to you with love and joy, “Welcome to the Pleasurable Weight Loss journey!”

Pleasurable weight loss is transforming women’s lives, slimming their bodies, and shifting the very ways they move in the world.


How relaxed you’ll feel when you feel great in your skin and know you look your best (no more wondering if people are noticing your weight or avoiding social events where you’ll be “seen”).

How confident and comfortable you’ll feel fitting into and wearing the clothes that you love (whether it’s to work or on a date).

How much your stress will ease when you can at last relax around food (no more trepidation opening the fridge or going out to eat).

How much more energy you’ll experience when you drop the excess that’s weighing you down (to do the things that really light up your life).

Whatever door losing weight would open for you, that’s what I’d love to help you do.

I’ve helped thousands of women across the world lose weight pleasurably, without dieting, deprivation or giving up chocolate…I’ve done it myself…and I promise you, I can help you, too.

Meet Jena

Jena’s profound teachings show that pleasurable weight loss is not a contradiction or an oxymoron.

During her ten year struggle with food, weight, and bad body image, Jena despised her body and was highly suspicious of pleasure. This lasted until she discovered that her issue wasn’t that she was having too much pleasure, it was that she wasn’t having enough! As she learned to trust the wisdom of her female body and to trust pleasure, she came to peace with food. Her figure and her body image transformed.

Since then, Jena has devoted her life to showing women around the world how to be in tune with the innate wisdom of their bodies and how they too can be at peace with food while feeling great every step of the way. She takes a fierce stand for all women to take pride in themselves and their feminine nature.

Jena works with women of all ages through her live Pleasure Camps, online programs, popular website, social media outlets, and through her private coaching. Jena's unique approach to weight loss has made her a much sought-after teacher.

She's honored to have helped thousands of women from all around the world, lose weight, heal emotional eating, and look and feel feminine — pleasurably. Her work has been featured in Elle, Glamour, New York Times, ABC, NBC, on the Discovery Health Channel, and more.

And she can't wait to share with you the missing key you need to have the sexy, feminine body that you enjoy to the fullest, and a new, liberated and balanced relationship with food.

If you’re ready to join Jena on a new journey to pleasurable weight loss, you are invited to explore coaching with her in a private, VIP container.

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